Best Youtube Equipment List to Start Recording Videos

If you wish to quickstart or give a quality boost to your Youtube Channel this year. Then this post is made for you.

Creating content is easy. But creating quality content that makes your viewers stick with you, well it’s another story.

Whether it’s the image, the quality of the audio, or even simple things like your background, there is a lot of details that compose a good video.

In this article, I will give you a quick overview of the equipment you need to boost the quality of your Youtube Videos, as well as my Smart Choice for each category.

Let’s jump into it.

1. Camera


Chances are, you own a smartphone. Most of them in this day and age have the capacity to record great videos for Youtube.

Chances also are, you always have it with you. (Come on, not to me!)

Whatever you want to shoot, inside, outside, headshot or panoramic recording. Your phone pretty much does it all.

You can play with the filters and settings for the perfect shot.

The only downside to Smartphones is battery life. 

If you plan your shooting day in advance, don’t forget to bring some external batteries.


A camcorder is a great option to shoot content, they have been designed to record video. 

They are compact, lightweight, and affordable, which makes them a great option for recording at home or vlogging on-the-go.

Even low-price Camcorder can record in full HD, 30 or 60 FPS, and make you look like a real professional in front of your audience.

Smart Choice

The LINNSE Full HD is our Smart Choice for a smooth and clean experience.

  • 1080px recording
  • 16X Zoom
  • Night vision for low-light environments
  • Remote Control
  • 2 External Batteries


If you are lucky enough to have an integrated webcam to your laptop, just give it a good wipe and press record. 

But if like me you are having a hard time getting rid of your Intel Core i3. Then opting for an external camera can be smart. 

Webcams are one of the most affordable and powerful tools to record videos. 

The best is, you don’t need to be a movie wizard to get the most out of them, plug the USB, adjust the angle, and start recording.

More advanced models come with their own power system and don’t need to be plugged.

If you want to know more about the best webcam for Youtube, check out my complete guide.

Smart Choice

My Webcam Smart Choice goes to the Logitech C930e HD for it’s crisp and vibrant colors.

  • Full HD Video
  • 4X Zoom
  • 90° field of view
  • Privacy shutter


DSLR is the favorite among YouTubers, Vloggers, and professional photographers. They adapt to any situation while keeping a high-quality result. 

Though they are pricey, it is the option for serious people looking for a long-time professional investment.

Smart Choice

DSLR Smart Choice goes to the Canon EOS Rebel T7.

  • 24.1 Megapixel
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Built-in NFC
  • Full HD Videos

Mirrorless Camera

Mirrorless cameras have become as much popular as DSLRs over the years. Their ability to shoot high-resolution pictures, like a DSLR, but with a smaller and lighter body, make them the new go-to for vloggers and popular YouTubers.

Smart Choice

If you are looking for the best. Then you should go for the Panasonic LUMIX GH5. It is a beauty of technology capable to record in 4K.

  • 20.3 Megapixel
  • Dual Image Stabilization
  • Splash/Freezeproof
  • 4K video recording

Action Camera

Action cameras like Go-Pro, are the most compact and versatile type of camera. If you are an outdoor adventurer or intend to shoot sports clips. Then you should consider one of those little boxes.

Despite their size, they produce high-quality videos and have the advantage of being really sturdy.

Smart Choice

It’s not gonna be a surprise that the Smart Choice would be the GoPro Hero8. The brand has established itself as the leader in the action camera industry. 

Although you might not need to record in 4K, the price difference between the Full HD and the 4K is so small that you might as well go for the higher model to future proof your video recording

  • 4K videos recording
  • Expendable mods to add-on
  • Live streaming in Full HD
  • Time-lapse 2.0

2. Microphone

Do not underestimate the importance of good quality audio.

That can make the difference between having your videos viewed again and again, or your audience bouncing to another channel.

So make sure you test your audio quality before recording any final take.

Headset Microphone

Headset microphones are a popular option for live gamers. They are certainly not the most aesthetic (although they make some funny models now). 

But they do a great job at what they are supposed to do, recording good quality audio.

They are also very easy to set up and affordable.

Smart Choice

The Logitech ClearChat H390 is the best headset overall. It’s more comfortable than a classic headset, and the Logitech recording quality is there.

  • USB plug
  • Comfort Headset
  • On-cable control

Lapel Microphone

Lapel or Lavalier microphones are my favorites by far.

They are compact, discreet, affordable, and do an excellent job when it comes to audio quality.

Just remember to not go too far from the camera when recording if you opt for a wired lapel, although most of them come with a very extensive cable.

Smart Choice

Lapel microphone Smart Choice goes to the BOYA M1.

  • Suitable with any type of cameras
  • 1-meter long cable
  • Battery-powered

Shotgun Microphone

Shotgun Microphone

Shotguns microphones are made to capture sound directly in front of them. They are a great option to record clear sound, without picking up a lot of background noise.

They are ideal to mount on top of a DSLR or Mirrorless.

Smart Choice

The Rode Video MicPro Compact win the Shotgun Microphone Smart Choice.

  • ShockMount for noise reduction
  • On-camera mount

Condenser Microphone

Condenser Microphone is just the tech name for classic microphones. 

They either stand on a little tripod, or you can mount them on an arm.

Condenser microphones are the best choices for an all-in-one purpose. Although, they are not really suited for outdoor usage.

Smart Choice

The Smart Choice, by popularity, is the Blue Yeti. Compact and easy to use, it will record great audio with a smooth experience.

  • USB plug
  • Adjustable stand
  • Volume control

3. Lighting

Even if cameras have made enormous progress to correct light, focus, and other default that can occur during your recording. They are really only recording what’s there, so might want to give a good light before even having to play with your video editor settings.

Ring Light

Ring lights are the best option for beauty makeup and other “face-centered” recording. 

They are very affordable and will provide great lighting to start with.

Smart Choice

I personally use my Ring Light smart choice, the Desktop Selfie Ring adapts easily to most situations and is very versatile.

  • 3 Color Lights Mode
  • Remote Control
  • On-cable control
  • Desk Tripod
  • Phone Clamp
  • Dimmable Light
  • USB Plug

Panel Light

Panel lights are very similar to ring lights.

The only difference is that panels don’t have a hole in the middle. 

I found them more efficient and powerful than a ring light while being as much versatile.

Smart Choice

The Yongnuo YN300 Air is definitely the ultimate Smart Choice for lighting. I have two of them and love them. 

  • 2 Color Lights Mode
  • Dimmable light
  • External Battery


Softboxes are made to emulate natural light. 

They are much bigger than a compact panel or ring light, but they have the advantage of not producing harsh shadows as a compact LED model does.

Softboxes also need separate bulbs.

Take into consideration that this type of equipment requires a much larger setup.

Smart Choice

Softbox Smart Choice goes to the MOUNTDOG Softbox Kit, which comes with 2 mounts.

  • 2 softbox
  • 2 Energy Efficient Bulb
  • Storage Case

Umbrella Light

Studio strobe light flash with umbrella isolated

Compared to softboxes, umbrellas create more controlled lighting. They are more compact and inexpensive.

A good choice for on-location recording.

Smart Choice

Emart Umbrella Lighting Kit win the Smart Choice.

  • 2 Tripods
  • 2 Energy Efficient Bulb
  • 2 Umbrella

4. Tripod/Gimbal Stabilizer

Now that you have an idea of what is needed to make great videos recording, you are probably wondering. 

Well, I only have two hands, how am I gonna hold all that while recording.

That’s when Tripod and Stabilizers come in.


Tripods are obviously one of the best solutions to mount your equipment. 

But be aware. While the main job of the tripod is to hold and stabilize your stuff, there is a few difference you might want to take in consideration before buying.

Like the total height, and the ground space needed for that tripod.

Smart Choice

The COMAN 63” Tripod is the Smart Choice for a versatile, all-in-one solution. It’s lightweight with a good total height and is a combo of tripod and selfie stick that can be used separately.

  • Phone Holder Clamp
  • Wireless Remote
  • Multi-angle Rotational Head
  • Selfie-stick and Tripod Combined

Gimbal Stabilizer

Handle recording can be hard. Especially if you are a vlogger or recording on-the-go, a shaky camera is a big no-no for any videos. 

Gambal Stabilizers are built to balance your camera, even with big sudden moves. 

Smart Choice

The Hohem Gimbal Stabilizer is a perfect Smart choice for vloggers and YouTubers on the go.

  • Storage Case
  • Fit most Smartphones
  • App Control

Desk Clamp

If you have enough desk space and plan on making indoor videos, desk clamps are a great option to hold all your equipment.

That’s my personal favorite for the few spaces it takes, and the fact that everything is at hand reach to start recording anytime.

Smart Choice

My personal Smart Choice is the Stand Desk Jaw Clamp. I have two of them and they are perfect to mount anything on top of it. They are resistant, flexible, and very affordable.

  • 25” inches length
  • 360° adjustable head

5. Green Screen

Let’s face it, we don’t always have a dream background. 

But with Green Screen, your background can be anything you want. 

Note that with some webcam, they have the possibility to replace your background without the need for a green screen. Checkout your Webcam parameters before buying something you will end up not using.

Smart Choice

Green screens are what they are. The only important metric here is the size. Make sure you have a green screen big enough to cover the whole background. That’s why I chose the Emart 10X12 feet as my Smart Choice.

  • 4 clamps to secure green screen
  • 10 X 12 feet

6. Video Editing Software

Now that have recorded the best videos of your career. It’s time to edit them.

Most editing software provides you with the same editing options, don’t take too much time to try to find the perfect one. 

Start simple and expand as you need.

Smart Choice

Adobe Premiere Rush is the Smart Choice of Video Editing Software. It’s cloud-based so my computer doesn’t take forever to load sequences and music. It offers the wide panel of tools known by Adobe and is still very cheap compared to a yearly software license.

  • Cloud-based platforms
  • Monthly-subscription
  • Wide variety of tools
  • Easy to learn

This is it for the best Youtube Equipment round-up. I hope this post helped you make your decision and moved forward with your channel.

Now click that record button, and keep moving.

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