How to Start a Youtube Channel: 11 Easy Steps to Set You Up for Success

Starting a Youtube channel is one of the easiest and long-lasting solutions to bring more customers to your business in 2021.

It is the most widely used online platforms, even before Facebook.

So if if you are looking to start a Youtube channel on the right foot. You’ve clicked on the good link.

Here are 11 steps to set up your Youtube Channel for success today!

1. Create Your Youtube Channel
2. Fill the About Section
3. Brand Your Account
4. Know Your Audience
5. Optimize for Searches
6. Shoot Your First Piece of Content
7. Upload Your First Video
8. Stay Consistent
9. Engage With Your Community
10. Analyze, Optimize, Repeat
11. Start Right Now

1. Create Your Youtube Channel

The first thing you will need for a Youtube Channel is, a Youtube Channel,… duh.

So jump right into your Youtube account, and click the user icon.

From there, click the “Settings” gear icon, “Add or Manage Your Channels”, then click “Create a New Channel”

2. Fill the About Section

Once your new channel has been created. It’s time to let your future viewers know who you are, as a person, or as a company.

Go to Youtube Studio, then Channel customization, and fill out your profile, channel description, and add any links you wish to your website or social media.

Your description can be a very good place to put some extra keywords to send more signals to Google in the hope to rank better.

If you are a business, you can also put your contact email in this section.

3. Brand Your Account

Branding can play an important role in your channel growth.

Staying consistent with your colors, fonts and images will help your viewers identify your content between hundreds of other thumbnails.
There are two main components of your graphic branding on Youtube:

Your Icon: Which is most likely going to be your business logo. Youtube recommend JPG, BMP, PNG, or non-animated GIF, saved at 800 x 800 pixels

Your Channel Art: Your Channel Art, or Banner Art, is the first thing people are going to see when clicking on your channel. Keep it simple, your name, what you do, call to action. Your channel art should be under 4 MB and at least 2048 x 1152 pixels, although YouTube recommends going with 2560 x 1440 pixels for best results on all devices.

4. Know Your Audience

In order to make your channel successful, you need to answer a couple questions.

What is the purpose of your channel? It is very important that you answer this question from your viewer’s perspective, and not yours!

Nobody cares that you want to get rich! Nobody cares that you want to have a million followers. 

Your viewers want to know what’s in it for THEM!

Most people make the mistake to think of Youtube as a social channel, when it’s actually one of the most powerful Search Engines, like Google.

Most people including your customers are looking for specific queries on the web.

Like “How to make a chocolate cake”, or “Is this product safe for me?”

So until you reach Kim K level of fanaticism and you are able to make your audience watch every little seconds of you playing with your dog.

I strongly advise you to stick with what your audience is looking for. 

(Guide to keyword research for youtube)

6. Shoot Your First Piece of Content

Now that you are all setup. It’s time to shoot your first Spielberg.

Don’t overcomplicate what you have to say.

Write an outline to not miss any points

Avoid fluff, people like short videos, straight to the point.

Yes! Your phone is most likely way enough to get you started.

Keep the editing simple.

The most important is to get you rolling. Your first video will be cringy compared to your 50th, for sure. But there is no way for you to shoot the 50th without shooting the 1st.

7. Upload Your First Video

Log back into your Youtube account and go into Youtube Studio and click that “Upload Video” button.

While Youtube is loading your video. Take the time to fill in all the information you prepared in the Optimize for Searches section.

Write your Title, Description, add any link as necessary, and move onto the next step.

8. Stay Consistent

That’s it! You are officially a Youtuber. But like any growth, it doesn’t happen overnight. Having a long-term consistent plan is probably the MOST important factor. That’s what differentiates the most successful channels on Youtube, and the ones staying invisible.

If you find yourself not having the time to be consistent, batch your content. 

If you plan on releasing one video a week, you can shoot all your videos in one day and upload them every week. 

This is the technic you should adopt anyway after a certain time to optimize your content creation time.

9. Engage With Your Community

If people comments on your video, engage with them.

Good or bad. The more comments, like, share, the more Youtube will think that your channel has high engagement. So take the time to reply to everybody.

Take into consideration feedback, (constructive feedback! Remember that trolls existed before the internet, people will always criticize). And Improve your videos upon that feedback.

Once again, your channel is for your audience, not you. Give them what they want.

10. Analyze, Optimize, Repeat

After a couple of months, review your analytics.

Youtube Studio gives you a panel of metrics that you should be familiar with over time.

Those analytics will give you another precious layer of feedback to tweak your channel and videos if necessary.

11. Start Right Now

The last and most important step is to actually do the work. So many people stay stuck at the beginning thinking that they have to know every little step to get started.

But there is no better way to learn than by doing, so stop reading now, and go create. 

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