Hey, It’s Denis. The guy behind SmarTech Commerce, and here is a little more about me.

I started online marketing in 2018, with a dropshipping store called The Geekosaurus.

The goal was simple, make a bigger income.

Long story short, I didn’t make it.

I think it’s Ralph Waldo Emerson, that said:

“Fall In Love With The Journey, Not The Destination”

And that’s exactly what happened while I was building my e-commerce store.

I fell in love with API integrations (seriously, how many people really understand that?)

Automated sequences, VSL funnels, on-page SEO optimization, tag triggers and other poetic tech therms that once unknown, but know so smooth at my hear.

So I decided to focus on that.

I pass my Facebook Blueprint – Certified Digital Marketing Associate on June 2020

The Google My Business Award on October 2020

And my Google Analytics Certification also on October 2020

As I grew in knowledge and credibility I started helping people around me as I’m still learning.

I made this blog not only to provide answers to the most common questions I get. But also to put my skills to the test and keep growing myself.